Analysis, Design & Implementation.

29 Aug

Throughout the past few weeks I have been learning about the stages in the software development process.  In particular, as you may have guessed from the title, the analysis, design and implementation stages.

When I studied the analysis stage in my previous computing course I didn’t see the importance of it since I only learned the bare minimum of what is involved in the stage.  The analysis stage is possibly the most important stage in the whole development process because all the information that is required to create a fit-for -purpose program is collected in it.  This ranges from all of the facts and figures to the legal agreement between the two companies.  The most important document created during this stage is called the software specification, this explains exactly what the program should do and everything it must include in order to be what the client requires.


The next stage which we looked at in detail is the design phase.  The design stage is also a very important component to creating a successful program as it involves designing a intuitive Human Computer Interface which will provide the user with easy-of-use and clear access to the programs functions.  A poorly designed program will result in a complicated layout and a fairly annoyed client.

Finally, we looked at the implementation stage.  This is the fundamental stage in creating a program, after all, it is literally creating the program.  The programmer must read the software specification and create all the functions and code which the program carries out.  Also, if the programmer includes internal commentary it will make it easier for multiple programmers to work on the program.


One Response to “Analysis, Design & Implementation.”

  1. forrestercomputing August 31, 2011 at 9:24 am #

    Great post Calum, shows you have a really clear understanding.

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