The Testing Phase

12 Sep

At the moment in computing we are investigating the stages of the Software Development Process.  In particular this week however, we have focused mainly on the testing phase.

Testing a program has a great impact on the cost of the over all project at later stages in the development process.  It is crucial to identify and resolve as many errors as possible during the testing phase and more importantly before the program is released to consumers.  For example, if you have just created a program similar to Microsoft Word and ran a few basic tests to check it is all in order and working correctly so you release it to the public.  Imagine if the majority of customers who bought your product are phoning you up complaining that the program is crashing when they try and carry out a simple task using it.  You will then have to remove every copy of your program from the shelves and fix the bug then re-release it.  This will cost a huge amount of money and time.

There are three main types of test data sets: Normal, Extreme, Exceptional.

  • Normal – This data set is tested to show that the program works correctly using valid input values.
  • Extreme – This data set is used to test the boundary limits within a program, e.g. the highest and lowest values.
  • Exceptional – This is used to show that the program reacts correctly to unexpected or invalid values inputted by the user.
I have learned that the testing phase is much than punching in a few numbers and click the giant go button.  It is actually a pretty substantial stage in building a reliable and robust program for consumers to use with ease and without fear of crashes.

2 Responses to “The Testing Phase”

  1. hayleycole September 15, 2011 at 8:36 am #

    Decent from Calum. You know what your talking about and you have a proper understanding. You know what your talking about and you seem to understand it easily. Nice one.

    • calumduff December 13, 2011 at 12:08 pm #

      Thanks Hayley, you are the best and I simply couldn’t have done it with out your motivational speeches. Yes this was infact Hayley Cole herself.

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