Documentation, Evaluation, Maintenance.

20 Sep


The documentation stage is a vital process of making the program usable.  This stage includes creating a User Guide and a Technical Guide.  The User Guide explains how to use your program and makes sure it states very clearly how to do everything that your program can do.  The Technical Guide includes the minimum specification of hardware that is required to run the program e.g. RAM memory, hard disk space and processing speed.  It also includes a specification of what operating systems your program can run on.


The evaluation stage is extremely important as it involves making sure your program  is fit for purpose, that is, does it do what the client wants it to do?  If at this stage you realise that your program is in fact not fit for purpose then you may have to go back to the implementation stage and add or modify the code.


This stage is probably the most important stage of making a program that runs well and is completely fit for purpose.  Maintaining a program can be done in three different ways:

  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Adaptive Maintenance
  • Perfective Maintenance
Corrective maintenance includes changing any errors in the code that cause bugs in the program.  This can be simple syntax errors or functions not operating properly.
Adaptive maintenance is performed when the environment in which the program operates changes, causing the program code to have to be altered to run properly.  This may be an updated operating system or hardware update.
Perfective maintenance is used if the client wishes to add a new feature to the program.  A new piece of code must be created and the program updated.

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