The Effects on the Internet on Family & Employment

18 Apr

The Internet has had many profound effects on family and employment.  It has allowed family members to communicate very easily with each other through e-mail or instant messaging, meaning important news can be quickly spread around the family.  Also, the ability to share family events has been created allowing great memories and holidays to be easily sent to everyone.  However, a negative effect of the Internet is that privacy is greatly decreased leaving parents worried about their children’s safety.

The effects on employment are also very great.  It allows employees to work from their own homes but still keep connected with their office or company. This can be good or bad depending on the nature of work required.  Advertisement and applying for jobs has become a lot easier due to online sites dedicated to advertising job vacancies and online application forms.  For businesses, the Internet allows them to view data from other companies who may be competition which reduces costs of researching the same information by other means.  Another massive effect that the Internet has on business is e-commerce.  This means companies do not have to worry about paying for actual store buildings since they can just keep their stock in a warehouse.  It also allows customers to buy products more easily without having to leave their house, this makes shopping more appealing and may boost sales for the business.


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